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It's about time

Well, things at work, which have been bubbling along nicely, are about to come to a head.

A brief precis:

Employee A handed his notice in. So Employee B was asked to fill his shoes. Employee A changed his mind but big boss C was having none of it, having been wanting to get shut of employee A for quite some time, and preferring the talented and charismatic employee B anyway. Unfortunately big boss C made a couple of oversights vis a vis his business cash flow, and was forced to sell his business to evil amoral fucks D and E. Evil amoral fuck D is, surprisingly also quite a fan of the dashing, handsome employee B, but evil, amoral fuck E, who does the hiring, is not (due in part to an incident some time ago involving evil, amoral fuck E's assistant manager, egregious lickspittle F and the courageous, upstanding employee B. The owrds "upside your head" were involved). It seems likely that Evil, amoral fuck E will choose to retain the services of employee A.

At which point I'm walking right out of the fucking building and never coming back.

Of course, I could be wrong, in which case I'll spend a period of time working for evil, amoral fuck E, before walking right out of the fucking building and never coming back.

So there are three options: take an extended period of time off. This has the downside of draining my bank account somewhat, but the upside of being able to finally finish writing that bloody novel; get another job, tempting, but I really could do with the time off, or take a part-time job, thus defraying the slow depreciation of my assets.

Place your bets kids, what should I do? Answers on an e-postcard to the usual address.


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