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Some more capsule reviews

There is plenty for me to do, but it's raining outside and for some reason that always sucks the motivation to do anything right out of me. So 'm going to be cruel and dismissive about a bunch of stuff I've read / watched / listened to instead (though, if you're very lucky, I may find something to be nice about). Talkie Walkie - Air Music for cunts who write advertising copy to listen to whilst making their fucking coffee in their fucking loft on sunny fucking Sunday bastard mornings whilst the honey blonde bint from last night sleeps next door, blissfully unaware that now her tits have been used to snort coke off, she's no longer necessary. Awful. That docudrama about Dunkirk "Stiff upper lip chaps! The bally hun's got us on the ropes." "Blimey Sarge! Best leave the frogs and the injured to die then!" "Carry on soldier" THIS IS WHAT HISTORY BOOKS ARE FOR YOU WITLESS BASTARDS. Sex and the city I had manag

O-kay then

In other news, there's plenty o'news. So the big manager has been given his shot elsewhere. His assistant and I step up to promotion. In theory, it's all beautiful. Wage hike, more of a chance to prove I'm more than capable of running the whole shebang stood on my head, big old gilt-edged opportunity right there. But of course, the fears immediately start to creep in. Will the new manager go power-crazed and start barking at staff in front of customers? Will I crumble under the pressure of having to be nice to people all the time? And isn't it about thime that I started accepting that I seem to have gone career here? All this, and more, in your super soaraway coastalblog. I sspect I may be blogging a bit more frequently than usual, I'll have a lot to work through in the coming months, and writing it all out does help to clarify matters somewhat. The two week hiatus was down to a variety of factors: the jaw-dropping rapidity of my promotion, the net being