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goosed, just..goosed i'm still devoid of shift keys, hence the raworth-esque feel of the post, and this minor problem is still enough to keep me away from the keyboard which is a shame, for there are many interesting things occurring, be they coastalblog's crust-earning enterprise source [again, lack of shift precludes html, google it, completism-fans] kicking up a quality food ruckus at bickerstock this weekend, or highlighting brewdog's equity for punks plan, or expounding at length on the joys of a week or so in darkest devon, or fretting a touch about how the sw sucks the ambition from people, or noting various sad and imminent anniversaries i'm dying to post about how george osborne shouldn't be trusted with a quid to go and buy milk with, or how erbacce are putting some really interesting stuff out. i was recently gifted the worst, i mean simply the worst, poetry you have ever read, but how can one deconstruct effectively without simple access to caps, or q