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Ha ha haaaaaaa

Don't speak with your mouth full, man. It's not just Bush's odd use of the word irony which amuses here, it's more the way that he's completely dismissive of anything Blair has to say "Yea yeah, I told Condi your offer, whatever". SO proud of our noble leader,the pansy. You get the impression Brown would have given Bush a thick ear if spoken to like that. Hoots.


Now, there's nothing quite like teenagers to make a chap feel old. Particularly when said teenagers are one's kid sister. And particularly when one stumbles across their web page. I would upbraid the girl upon her appalling spelling were I not dimly aware that that would move me irrevocably into the category of being "old". Spelling is something old people do. As for the rest of it, well, I didn't look at much, frankly, I don't want to know. Let me retain some illusions. Now, onto safer I was reading that observer woman supplement, purely from a spirit of curiosity you understand. The sensation reminded me of being a fervid, febrile teenage boy and (like my fellow teenage boys - don't lie), frantically reading women's magazines for insights, hints, anything that might give us a head start on the competition when it came to the school disco (as opposed to, you know, actually dancing); which of course is exactly the sort of self-deprecat

Here we go again

So that makes two jobs I've quit on a point of principle in the last ten months. You'd think I'd learn. Admittedly my cards were marked once my current place of employment was bought by a couple, not too much space behind there for a bar manager then, particularly not one as ridiculously well paid as me. What little was left of my morale sank into my shoes after the new owner said he was looking forward to "touching base" with me. He also addressed me as "buddy" within thirty seconds of our first meeting. Now, I want to stress at this point that the couple who've bought the place are very pleasant people, they wanted to keep hold of me, and offered me a (somewhat less well paid) position as the head chef. So far, so thoughtful, really rather sweet of them. The downside came when I read the menu, out goes all the freshly prepared, home-made (and frankly rather good) grub we've been serving, in come breaded fucking mushrooms, packet sauces, fro