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Or maybe not

Bah. Further perusal of the other Matt Fallaize (or the Continuity Matt Fallaize as I prefer to think of him)'s manifesto reveals him to be (and who would or could have thought otherwise?) a thoroughly reasonable and sensible chap. So more power to his elbow. Anyhoo, on an entirely unrelated matter I note with interest that a couple of Ormskirkian's are keeping up the twon's noble tradition of slightly odd crime by being sent down for art theft. he painting in question was yoinked froma Scottish stately ome some time ago, though I do feel the Champion missed a trick by focusing on such trifling details as the painting's title, value, length of sentences etc; rather than what Coastalblog feels to be the true fulcrum of the story, the fact that as the painting was being stolen one of the thieves said to a frightened tour guide "Don't worry love, we're the police. This is just practice." On such lines are legends built. Good work, gentlemen. N.B. Coast

This will not stand

I've been away from the net too long, clearly. Time was there was only one Matt Fallaize round the top of the google pops. Yours bleedin' truly. But what happens? I bugger off for five minutes to get with the fathering and business starting and all the concomitant fun + games and some other Matt Fallaize goes and sweeps all before him mightily in some election in Guernsey. Now, whilst I must obviously give props to a man possessed of possibly the noblest name in christendom, salute his victory and wish him all the best with his inexorable rise to what I would imagine will be the top (how could it be anything else?) I can't help but note that he's kicking me all over google, all of which is a long winded and possibly overconfrontational way of saying I've been, yet again, neglecting dear old coastalblog, and, by extension, you. This will not stand. Things fall apart the centre etc etc, you know the rest. This Channel Islandic upstart must be confined to page four,