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Overly simplistic, smug, and pat comparison.

I have, as is do often boringly the case, had politics on my mind of late. In my defence, the westminster scene is currently an absolutely delicious melange of bitterness, backbiting, carping and generalised chaos. It's fascinating stuff. You've got ministers, actual MINISTERS briefing against the government line (hello, Govey, what up, Hammond), you've got the Lib Dem division with their partners deepening by the second, you've got Simon Hughes sounding increasingly pissed off with every interview, you've got Vince Cable growing a pair on immigration (too little, too late, Vince, but nice try). You've got the office for national statistics threatening to send their inspectors into the DWP because Duncan Smith has basically been lying. Not even massaging the statistics, just plain lying (for those unaware, he claimed 8000 people had gained employment due to a legislative change WHICH HADN'T ACTUALLY HAPPENED YET) and, of course there's tonight's hila

Spring, sap rising

Sun shining, brds singing etc etc. I have very little of interest to say, to be fair, other than to note in passing that I managed to complete a cryptic crossword, about which I am absurdly pleased, to the point of pathos, and furthermore that coastalblog's sister blog, the long dormant Ormskirk short stories is, as of today,once more a going concern. And about time too. All told, a reasonable day, though I gather it's all going wrong tomorrow. Sunrise, sunset.