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Quick archive delve

Curious, I recently have some visitors googling for John Climo. Who he? You cry. Gather round my children, and I shall tell you a tale. It was early 2006. X-factor still had novelty value and we were still only two eighties revivals into the decade. Truly they were heady times. We got our brains beat out on a weekly basis at the Albert's pub quiz, I was yet to marry, and I didn't yet know every episode of the first three series of futurama verbatim, a world of possibility lay before me. As it turns out not so much, but who was to know in those fragrant, crazy times? Also a chap by the name of John Climo got sent down for the murder of a local chap, allegedly in a contract killing. I mentioned it in passing (possibly not entirely seriously) as that was the sort of thing I did, I may have alluded to said conviction not being entirely kosher. And blow me down if there isn't a great big virtual free John Climo campaign on the go. And your humble correspondent is steamrollered

In memoriam: amazing

Coastalblog is sad to report that as of this week a number of words have, with great reluctance been made redundant. Times are hard, belt tightening all round, etc, and Im afraid they just aren't cutting it any more. A leaving do will be held at the Queen's Head, Ormskirk on friday, should you wish to pay your respects, or have a whip round and buy the poor, knackered old sods a fucking clock or some such thing. Amazing having done sterling work for a number of years as the go-to adjective of choice for lazy DJ's wishing to describe anything from a muffin they just ate to the size of their morning shit has, I'm afraid, held up its hands and admitted defeat. Said Amazing, yesterday "The last straw was the MSN website using me to decribe John and Edward Grime's short-lived reality TV career. I used to be used to evoke a sense of wonder, awe at the beauty and intricacy of life. Now I'm attached to a pair of mini Max Headrooms for no reason other than no fuck