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Oh Lord

yes I know, post-tastic; this is what happens when mrs coastalblog goes away for any length of time, frankly it's pathetic. I revert rapidly to the late night wine ways of a few years back in approx ten minutes, this is some lord of the flies shit right here. Yes, I have been listening to a bunch of music that was considered cool ten years ago, why on earth do you ask? Anyhoo, in passing, this treat from the ever-giving BBC's Have Your Say (re: Glenrothes byelection, obv) It is a tragedy for Britain that Brown thinks he is successful. Scotch people are no better than pigs Sarah Plankin, Chaville Ladies. And. Gentlemen. I give you Sarah Plankin from Chaville. And I wish each and every one of you to drink deeply of her majesty. Amazing work. Genuinely amazing.

Jim Davidson is a cunt

You knew this already. I just saw an advert for his new entertaining the troops DVD. He's wearing camo. He's a highly paid comedian who is not,to the best of my knowledge, an actively serving soldier. Ergo, he's a cunt.

Venison pie with root veg crisps

Posted this on I Love Cooking )(on the cheapo recipes thread, hence the various economic recipes thread), but I thought it was high time Coastalblog had an update, poor neglected soul that it is. In work I actually use a mix of venison, partridge, rabbit and mallard for this: Game, god bless it, is pretty cheap (or it is round here, anyway) at the mo. So, diced venison goes in a big dish with butter, chopped onion, a little garlic, nutmeg, paprika, brown gently, pop in a couple of tablespoons of plain flour and stir further, add water to the alligator lurking in a swamp level and leave, covered, to putter away merrily to itself for three hours or so on the lowest heat you can manage. Towards the end, should you be lucky enough to have some thyme or rosemary knocking about in your garden, apply judiciously. If you don't, buy some. It keeps well and a little goes a long way. Naturally, if you're using the dried stuff put it in nearer the start. At this juncture it's worth p