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Go see

Post about end of an earhole and leaving my stove will follow shortly. In the meantime, remember how I bang on about the frankly terrifying nature of the BBC's Have your Say feature? These collate it far better than I ever could

No posts, no time

Shop-fitting continues apace, and I spend my days coated in a faint sheen of plasterboard. There's been all sorts of posts I wanted to write but, frankly, I barely have the energy to play facebook scrabble. I get home with enough time to shower and then head out for an evening shift in the kitchen. All worth it in the long run then, but you don't want to read a lengthy missive about how knackered and filthy I am, I just thought it's be polite to show my face. And if anyone fancies coming down and helping build some shelves/ do some tiling/ paint a shopfront you're more than welcome.