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Speaking to myself

Yep, just me here by now I reckon, it really has been a while. Look, I'm really busy, okay? I know, it's a poor excuse, and I promised you that nice dinner and everything, I even said I might get round to putting some new curtains up but you know, it's not happened. I'd love to think that I could pay poor, battered, Doncaster social serviced, Coastalblog the respect and attention it deserves but fuck it. It isn't going to happen. By this stage of the game, I really am just talking to myself, and quite right too. No-one should actively have to listen, that would just be a bit "Smash Hits" and , frankly. I've no idea why I made either that reference or the effort required to type quote marks. Incidentally, quote unquote is shit. But not as shit as moneybox live. Do you have any conception of precisely how much time I spend behind a stove? No, you do not. Lucky, lucky you.