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A fresh start

Sometimes an idea has a moment, and one which I have heard floating around a lot recently is the concept of an autumn reset (there's probably a piece to be written on how, in this information saturated and algorithmic age, it's unsurprising that you hear a few people talking about the same thing at the same time, but this isn't it) or fresh start to the year. I was reading an article (which I won't link to, as frankly it was too stupid an idea to deserve the clicks) which was pushing the idea of autumn as being the ideal time for this, a new you, a reset after the excesses of summer. The reason ran thus: it's the start of the academic year, freesh starts for kids and young adults, why not for the older ones, too? To which I can only reply: New year's resolutions are a bad enough idea in January, why on Earth would you want to do them again? To which, of course, the only reasonable response is that nobody ever got poor by copying. The attempts to rebrand Easter

Only the pure

Now, this may come as something of a shock, but according to the internet, Caroline Lucas is a Nazi, who knew? That's right, this country's one and only Green MP, the sole Parliamentary representative of a party which even the Labour Party routinely dismisses as flaky, the epitome of everything that hard-headed political animals like to deride as woolly-thinking, woke, soft, unfit for governance is, as it turns out, marginally to the right of Goebbels. This, it's needless to say, is something of a considerable turn-up for the books; those who thought Lucas was more interested in renewable energy than mass incineration of her enemies have been exposed as hopelessly, wilfully naïve. Her crime, of course, is the suggestion of a temporary Cabinet formed to stop a no-deal Brexit. A short-lived government of national unity to exist purely to guide us through what promises to be the choppiest waters yet seen in the whole farce that Cameron set in motion all those years ago (ye