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Bleurgh argh christmas etc

as you were, hope it was bearable Worth pointing out though that the recent snow made it much easier for me to track Will Smith across town. I just looked for the fresh prints. (Many thanks to a B Morgan of Kernow) See this is a nothing sort of placeholder post, but a few years from now I'll have forgotten that joke, and a random archive delve will turn it up, and huzzahs all around as a result. The internet, it's there for you in minor, minor ways.

I blame Peter Tobin

It's brilliant. So your man Tobin is already banged up for two murders. Only one of of which ever gets mentioned, possibly because the other victim was polish and all british news media is inherently racist, I don't know, answers on a postcard. And then the rozzers work out that he gone done another one. The bones in his garden were a giveaway. And now, now he's being linked with up to twelve others. Possibly he committed them, there can be no doubt that this is one seriously unpleasant guy. No form of opprobrium would be enough, life imprisonment will indeed meanlife and quite right too, not really a huge amount of grey area where Tobin's concerned. I wouldn't be in the slightest surprised if he turned out to have a whole bunch of murders behind him. Again, bones, garden, alarm bells. But Inspector Knacker must be fucking LOVING this. The respective forces clear up rates will be going throught the roof. So I'm wondering if I can't pin a couple of misdeme

Wouldn't you know it?

You just get back into the swing of the whole blogging thing and your compuetr goes and breaks down. A faulty hard drive as it turns out. Just one of life's vicissitudes I guess. So, in the absence of anything germane to add to the sum of human knowledge this week's Melanie Phillips prize for wilful abuse of the english language goes to one other than Alan Shearer for his heroic, Daedalytic description of the early retirement of Dean Ashton, the thinking man's Bobby Zamora, as a "tragic tragedy". On point , as ever, Big Al. An honourable mention to this column's new hero, David Potter, righteous chronicler of all things Forfar Athletic related, and who, as can clearly be seen here is a man unafraid to deal with global events so long as he can do so by viewing them throughthe wondrous prism that is Forfar Athletic football club. I am in awe.