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In a slightly bored fit I thought I'd see what single was number one on the day I was born. As it turns out it's something by David Soul. Silver Lady, to be precise. Which only goes to show that the single buying public of 1977 let me down quite badly (though loking through the list, nobody born in 77 got a fair crack of the whip, them's some dismal charts). My son fares marginally better, but only just, he gets to put up with the sugababes b-team's "About you now". The wife wins with Abba's "The name of the game", though that is kind of like winning by saying hah, you've got scrofula, I've only got diptheria, so, y'know, swings and roundabouts.

Weary, occasional, tidying up

It's sad, but it has to be done. The occasional wander through the logs reveals that some people get here by googling the words "sex" and "ormskirk". Well, Ormskirk, clearly, is a proper noun, I live in said proper noun, so it crops up from time to time. "Sex" is a little trickier (fnarr fnarr), when used to determine gender it's a noun, also a verb (as in "to determine the sex of") and increasingly, idiomatically, and depressingly, to describe the act itself (as in Color me Badd's deathless "I wanna sex you uppp" [extra p's added at author's discretion]). So, given this kaleidoscope of interpretation, it's bound to crop up here from time to time. Thus leading to googlers googling the pharse "sex ormskirk" or "sex in ormskirk" (I apppreciate I'm not helping myself by repetition here, but conversely, it may make the following all the more effective. This is clearly disturbing, not that the

i before e, except after c

really? weird why so lexically concerned all of a sudden? I have my reasons, dammit, of which, more anon, doings may be transpiring, the game's afoot etc This, again, is more of a placeholder than anything else, frantically busy yet can't bring myself to let ol' creaky Coastalblog (incidentally, there is a blog called Coastal Blog. I believe it to be about coasts) gather dust again. I felt so guilty during the hiatus, not that anyone is actually left reading this but it's just well, gosh, I've been doing this (intermittently, I know) for bloody ages now, so may as well keep going. I was about to post that fresh prints joke again, show's how much attention I've been paying, poor show.