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Unsubstantiated opinion for fun and profit.

CAVEAT EMPTOR y'know, I really am not a journalist. I do occasionally do the odd bit of research for these sporadic outbursts but nowhere near enough to factually cover my arse (which level I suspect puts me on a par with some journalists, but not enough for me to claim any oracular tendency to you, dear reader), it's just opinion. Unsubstantiated opinion, prejudice and gut feeling. And my unsubstantiated opinion, prejudice and gut feeling is making me exceedingly nervous at the moment. You see, whilst I'm too lazy to do much in the way of research what I do possess is a memory, and a capacity to occasionally read a book; as such a couple of things have me worried. As you're doubtless aware, the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, those lovely folks who convinced a generation of men that they needed Viagra rather than foreplay has launched an aggressive takeover bid for the UK firm AstraZeneca. Now, it ill behooves us to second guess their intentions, but Pfizer has a


Thought I'd swing by to say hello. Now I do know that I hinted that these parts would see a little more activity as part of my ongoing drive to get more writing done, and I felt I ought to point out that I have, actually. Just not here. Not anything that's ever likely to see the light of day, to be honest, but I've long since discarded that as being the point of the exercise anyway. I nearly launched a frenetic and full scale rant about the response to Farage's decision not to stand in Newark, but that boiled down merely to a splenetic facebook status update which said pretty much all I wanted to say on the matter (concise version: less than happy with political name-calling). I almost wrote a post about how aimless walking seems to be having a bit of a moment, what with various books on the subject coming out and even the Beeb sticking its oar in with an article or two, and as a man who's a fan of a spot of aimless wandering I thought that might be worth a post. Bu