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Merry something

I think, pretty sure it happened, hands have slightly more cuts and burns than usual so it seems like that Decemeber's occurred all over me, nice. What, I don't say hi for months and then it's some mumbling nonsense about December, I look back to more cogent and lucid dissections of the hell of christmas from a catering perspective and weep bitter, bitter tears. Well, I'm saying hi now. Incidentally, I managed to get some poems published over at the rather marvellous railroad poetry project, hooray for me; Furthermore, to my deep shame, I now do twitter, possibly some humble pie needs eating; should you wish to, I suspect you'll find me fairly easily. And that's that, enough mea culpas and hand wringing, poor old coastalblog got kicked down the priority list a bit, with wives kids and businesses this sort of thing tends to happen. That said, I have a sneaking suspicion you may be seeing a bit more of me so