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Just One Book

Good cause time, people. The consistently interesting publisher Salt (full disclosure: home of one or two friends of Coalstalblog) is currently up against it money wise and as such has launched the Just one book appeal. Well, appeal's the wrong word, but you take my point. I apreciate that in this terribly exciting modern world in which we live in (to paraphrase McCartney) nobody does anything so gauche as to actually pay for media any more, but the upshot of that is that people go bust, and consistently interesting and boundary-pushing lists are lost, never to return. It's tempting at this point to go off on a rant about how every snivelling downloader who cites the "outdated business model" of actually, y'know, paying for stuff is essentially constructing a flimsy rationalisation for the fact tht they're tight as a duck's arse, or, more pointedly, a thief but it's been a long day and I don't have the energy. Plus then I might get sidetracked i

The importance of keeping your gob shut on the internet

Ah teh internets. Home of more pictures of fluffy kittens than one could shake an email inviting me to "make your manhood amaze" at. Repository of news, opinion and information. And also a home for self indulgent whiners to bang on about how nobody understands them omg, or possibly share a few details which they may, in time, come to regret. I've always held an uneasy line on this. Mrs Coastalblog is avowedly anti dispersal of personal information online, so naturally I respect her wishes and refer to her only occasionally, and in the vaguest of terms. Looking back through the archives I note that as time has worn on and your humble correspondent has had a few more of the corners knocked off him coastalblog also has veered more towards the impersonal, ad hominen attacks on ashley cole and a general background level of snark notwithstanding. This in part is due to the fact that back in the good old days(holy shit, 2003!) this organ was read by only a few close friends, wh

Well, yes

Breaking news from our stating the bleeding obvious desk. A ruck between a python and an alligator in florida ended in a score draw when the python, adopting a tactic not entirely unfamiliar to followers of Ricky Hatton's career, ate his oppo whole. A clean win for the python you may think, but wrong, in the sort of stirring fightback entirely alien to fans of most of England's national sides the game alligator then clawed his way out of the python's stomach. Score draw. So far, so "and finally". However, the part of this story which piques Coastalblog's interest, thus leading to some idle posting when there are doubtless worthier subjects to post about (BoJo's aborted eviction of entirely lawful protestors, imminent ConDem fun mit games, further hilarious mockery of John Terry, reprinting of scurrilous Gerrard rumours und so weiter) is the genius quote from Prof Frank Mazzotti of the University of Florida, who when confronted with a grand total of twenty