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And whilst I'm at it

All of those involved with whatever mobile phone company it is that has had that wheeze of special deals "for popular people". And then devised the ad campaign featuring those less popular indulging innocently in whatever hobbies float their respective lardy, unpopular boats should, in all seriousness, kill themselves. I'm not even joking. You people have no idea what misery you've unleashed. Thre's a cutoff point of fifty numbers for the deals, as I understand it. How many kids are looking at the twenty, thirty odd numbers in their phones and feeling like shit? Eh? Die. Seriously. Walk in a fucking lake. Jump off a cliff. Drink rat poison. Whatever. Just do it. Die. Die. Die now. Die.

Ha, Good Lord

Y'know, for some obscure reason I thought today would be as good a day as any to post to dear old Coastalblog, languishing in the corner as it has been, treated like a damp uncle on the morn of an otherwise gay shooting party. Poor thing. So as it turns out things continue much as before. Who'd have guessed? Not me. Not for a second. Still overworked and underpaid, though as it's me paying me I can't really whinge or else I'll have to take myself out in to the car park and give myself a stern talking to, which, now the students are back would simply result in blank looks all round. Poor show. So no, I don't really feel like talking about work any more. I could enlighten you as to the stirring start Fort William have made to the new season (third from bottom! despite losing all their games! On goal difference! Even though their goal difference is -16! In your face Strathspey Thistle and Rothes! You must be really awful at football!), and point out that I am rea