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The house is sleeping

An early night after a bone-shattering couple of days in work and so I find myself up early on a Sunday morning with the rest of the household asleep. I'm quite partial to an early morning, increasingly so as I get older, I find. Possibly it's something to do with kids. As they enter your life you become conditioned to wake up earlier and then, when they start actually sleeping it's harder to shake the habit. I think it would be more accurate though to say I've not tried to shake the habit. To be up, early on my own is a treat for me, it's a rare chance to sit and well, do this sort of thing. Did a spot of writing a few minutes ago. Don't do that enough. Yes, I suspect that's it. It's about the need to carve out a little bit of time for yourself. Full disclosure, it's my turn for the lie-in today, I have actively chosen to get out of bed and potter, how times change. My job is extremely time consuming, and I don't make enough time for family,