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Yes, yes, Thatcher died

Now I'm not much of a one for the instant response. Have a bit of a ruminate, possibly a lengthy sit down is more my plan as a general rule. I'd like to tell you it's because I have a long-game type of mind, a chess players mind, one that deliberates before coming up with the incontrovertible, but if I'm being honest its mostly because I am a) lazy and b) thick. And also fond of a bit of a sit down. Maybe involving wine. And Thatcher died. Now, believe you me, this is not something I'm inclined to sit on the fence about, catch me in the right mood and I'll bore you for hours about the evils of Thatcherism, it's not like I couldn't have posted a lengthy screed within minutes. But yet... well...doesn't it seem kind of obvious? I feel like I did when (unnamed former girlfriend) first offered your humble narrator unfettered access to her, well, her...yes, this would be great but, do I really deserve this? Surely others are better qualified. And in th

Oh placeholder, I love you

Lazy, lazy, lazy, that's me. The more astute amongst you will have noted that there's a tad more coastalblog activity than has usually been the case over the last few years of late. Well, there is a reason for that,which has been alluded to a few times over the last few postings. In brief; in an attempt to recover something of a sense of my old self (i.e. the pre-business, pre-kids self)I set myself the task of writing something, anything, daily. It's kind of like a mid-life crisis only I've not bought a motorbike and I'm not cheating on my wife. In a more constructive vein it's am extension of an idea that I used to drum into my students in my lecturing days, the concept of being "writing fit", like fighting fit, only with more whinging. You write enough and eventually some of it's half decent. And, do you know, it's been working. The last book only contained a couple of poems from the last few years, but a reasonable amount of stuff has a