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The unedifying defence of Boris Johnson

You would, I imagine, be a little surprised if I wrote a blog in defence of Boris Johnson and his recent brush with the law; a piece which highlighted every individual's right to a private life and pointed out that we've all made mistakes, which argued that what goes on between a couple in their private residence is no business of the wider public. And you'd be right to be surprised, because I wouldn't, and the reason that I wouldn't is that that position is spurious bollocks being spouted by Johnson apologists who wouldn't know a moral if it bit them in the arse. You are doubtless aware of the bare bones of our PM-in-waiting's imbroglio. Neighbours called police after hearing shouting, breakages, a woman screaming "get off me". The police arrived, decided there was nothing to worry about and that, as far as the Johnson camp is concerned, is that. Except, of course that it isn't, in these tribal times, it's not enough that the matter&

Relax everyone, it's Coastalblog's guide to the culture wars!

Hey now, the Trumpster's in town! I'm sure that you, gentler reader are as consumed with interest as I am at the visit of the Orange one to our fair shores. Indeed, so interested am I that I spent most of this morning in Magnet trying unsuccessfully to exchange some kitchen cupboard handles. But here he is, the red carpet has been rolled out, various royals have been deployed and many of my fellow countrymen seem somewhat exercised by his presence. And why wouldn't they be? The Donald has, after all shown himself to be even worse than we feared when he breezed into the Oval Office on a tide of alternative facts and intriguing disability impressions. I'll not stop to bother listing his crimes here as I don't have all day, besides, this is a liberal echo chamber where I'm preaching to the converted, I very much doubt any MAGA hat types are generally tuning in for my patented blend of tired social commentary and wilful meandering. So I'll assume we're a