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Here at Coastal Towers it is rapidly approaching what everyones favourite beetroot-fizogged professional Scot Sir Alex Ferguson once memorably described as squeaky bum time (though I suspect he may have nicked the line off everyones favourite wheely-bin Ashley Giles). Yes, the coffers are empty, the credit card's maxed out and it's time to see if the business can actually stand me taking a wage out of it. Probably it can, hopefully. You see, whilst starting your own business is an exceedingly entertaining experience, it does come lightly seasoned with a smidgeon of stress. And whilst you may think you've planned everything to the last possible iota, you've invariably missed a few things, and these few things invariably cost money, which, as we have already established, I don't have any of any more. So whilst the whole thing is going swimmingly now, thanks very much, busier and busier all the time, we're still feeling the effects of the costs of the start-up. S