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Twice in two days, I do't know what's come over me, I feel all giddy, I'll have to sit down. And whilst I'm sitting down I'll be reading the estimable Gloom Cupboard wherein, further to yesterday's post I'll find one by yours truly. Crikey but we live in a fast moving world these days. I'll have published ten books, gone through three marriages had a public breakdown and be living the life of an angry hermit by the end of next february at this rate. Blatant self promotion aside I particularly like Peter Schwartz's "Unwanted Love Poem", also, good stuff. I can see Gloom Cupboard becoming a regular visit (thanks to Andrew Taylor for the heads up), hence sidebar linkage.


Hello chaps Well it's all been beyond hectic, no point reiterating the same old tropes, however life continues. There's a new Ormskirk short story up, should you care to view, the whole getting some poems up on Stride thing made me determined to try to keep going, one way or the other, I'm off to submit a few elsewhere whilst I'm at this so toodle pip. Watch this space though, I think I may finally be getting the hang of the whole work/life balance thing. Fingers crossed.