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Rain delays

Christ on a crutch, July already? Unlikely as it seems I have been thinking of getting on here for a while, but existence seems to keep getting in the way. Nobody warns you how all-consuming owning your own business is; this is not a complaint, you understand, working for yourself is infinitely more rewarding than taking orders. But on top of the hours which are, of necessity, long (otherise you just have to pay someone else to do it) there is the fact that, when you DO lock up, you don't switch off. You go home, you think about menus, you check the email, you think some more about menus, you check the facebook page, check the twitter feed, and whilst the computer's on and glowing you think, really must update coasdalblog...but there's generally something else to do. Conversely EVERYONE warns you how all-consuming parenting is, and EVERYONE with more than one child nods sagely and says "wait until you have two...." Of course, a year and a bit into the existence