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last published on 11-Jan-2011

I mean seriously, that is getting on for half a year. All reason dictates that clearly I have a bit too much going on to keep going with dear old wheezing Coastalblog, with its bouncy 1.0 look and utter disregard for any development in web-based technology of the last, ohh seven years. Probably should knock it on the head, to be honest. I barely have time for a facebook status update, let alone an honest to goodness considered blog post. I have to do actual things. Like make stuff. And talk to people. And look after small people. Hmm, unnecessarily snotty, I suspect, but I ask you, this evening I waited around for a table of four people. Whole place was deserted, when these four friends buggered off I could go home. They kept me an hour and a half, and in that time not one of them spoke to another, each was giving it some internet on one device or another, which begs the question why go out and ruin my evening in the first bloody place? And so, irony of ironies, I am talking about be