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The old school

I am doing something I have not done for a bit. This is not to imply something racy or transgressive, more a confluence of events that have lead, in their inscrutable way, to me doing this, that is to say, being sat up pottering about with coastalblog, as opposed to being in bed. Normally, yes, I'd be well away by now. This is one of the more surprising turns of life, over the last few years, I have become a morning person. After a good whack of time of being a night person, this came as something of a shock. But hey, business, kids, all of that, I became at first inured to, and then accustomed to, and then addicted to, early starts. Concomitantly, early finishes, obv. The fallout, the, uh, collateral damage, to borrow a phrase from our various glorious leaders' various disastrous misadventures was stuff like this, the late night blogging ramble. But, as it happens, this evening I had a private party in at work after hours. I cooked for them, they left full and happy. I got